RC Cars and Trucks

R/C Cars and Trucks can be bought in all shapes and sizes, across varying spectrum of performance. Some R/C cars can go as fast as 70 miles per hour, and can be modified to go even faster!

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Model railroading connects us with history in a very tangible way. The railroad changed the US forever by connecting our coasts. It helped create our American identity. Model railroaders recreate an earlier time and place with painstaking detail. Model railroading layouts can be made in one of many scales ranging from 1:220 to 1:22.5 of real size.

Model railroaders build skills in carpentry, electronics, painting, and the mechanics of how things work.

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RC Planes & Helicopters

There is arguably nothing more exciting than flying a radio control helicopter through the air, or nailing a perfect landing of an R/C aircraft!

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Scale Model Kits

Plastic scale modeling touches our lives more than most of us realize. Cars, trucks, airplanes, and office buildings begin life as a plastic scale model. Movie sets employ model builders to reduce real life scenes to a safer, and much smaller scale.

Accuracy, creativity, and attention to detail are hallmarks of scale hobby enthusiasts, whether model builders or collectors. So what are you waiting for? It's time to discover life on a smaller scale for yourself!


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Diecast Models

Collecting diecast vehicles, which do not need to be built, is a great way to keep track of your favorite cars, trucks, and military vehicles. Right out of the box and on to your shelf!

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Tabletop Gaming

Millions of fans partake in gaming each year, be it figure wargaming, or other fun games that are available in hobby shops across the world. Gaming can come in any form and is a great way to socialize with other fans of the same hobby.

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Put down your phone and discover a hobby!

Visit the region's newest family hobby event for hands-on demonstrations, workshops and a monster marketplace of items for sale. Learn, try and buy.

RC Cars, Planes, Drones, Boats, Trains, Slot Cars, Rockets, Diecast Models, Scale Model Kits, Gaming, Dolls, Beads and Scrapbooking- all in one location.


Attend the Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo

October 28th & 29th, 2017

Denver Mart  451 E 58th Ave

I-25 at 58th Ave

Denver, CO  80216