Important Dates

October 11th, 9am-4pm

Show floor open to buyers. Education and Demos also available for all registered buyers. Workshops are offered at no extra cost.

October 12 & 13, 9am-5pm

Buyers are welcome to walk the show floor, but show will also be open to consumers these days.

Show Specials

Attending buyers will be eligible for show specials from many manufacturers and distributors. 

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Free buyer registration is provided for verified buyers and business owners of brick and mortar and internet retail hobby and toy stores.

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Denver Mart Expo Building  

451 East 58th Avenue, Denver, Colorado  80216

Exhibitor List
  • Revolution Kites
  • Zen Magnets
  • UGears
  • Traxxas
  • more to come!

Workshops calendar coming soon!

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Discounted Background Checks

A Special Offer From

The Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo & The Hobby Manufacturers Association

As recent as January 2018, formal complaints have come to the surface regarding the lack of background checks for employees and volunteers within the hobby store industry, where these individuals hold a strong presence among children who participate in store and tournament events. Additionally, store employees who handle financial matters for your company may put you at risk.

The liability for an employer that fails to investigate the background of their applicants and volunteers in such risk-sensitive positions is high. The money you may save by not doing background checks simply does not compare to what you might be required to spend to defend yourself against a negligent hiring lawsuit not to mention the unnecessary risk that is posed to you, your employees and customers.

Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo/Hobby Manufacturers Association has partnered with CoreScreening to provide a substantially discounted rate for your employees and volunteers across the nation to complete an online National Criminal with Sexual Offender Registry search.

The standard cost for the National Criminal with Sexual Offender Registry search is roughly $20 however, associates of Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo/Hobby Manufacturers Association will receive the discounted price of $8 per background check. The check requires your employee to enter their personal data after which you enter the email address you want the results sent to as well as the credit card information you want the check charged to. You will receive a cleaner report if your employee uploads a jpg of their drivers license, however this is not requirement. Check results take from 24 to 48 hours to receive.