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Your source for beginner and advanced workshops in coordination with the Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo. Most workshops at the Hobby-Expo are free, however there are a few that require a fee for materials.

Saturday Oct 12


  •  10:00 am: Biomimicry workshop with Wings Over the Rockies- What can we learn from bees? Scientists are adapting the shapes and engineering feats found in nature to create better and more pleasing planes, engines and space craft. Find out how they do it in this buzzing workshop. Workshop room G35/G37  Expo 1
  • 10:00 am: Newbie Drone Opportunities with Andrew Lindemann- sponsored by Colorado UAS Workshop Room G42/44 Expo 1
  • 10:00 am Drone Safety/FAA FAST Team with Vic Moss Workshop Room G47/49 Expo 1
  • 10:00 am: Time Well Spent will demo Dexterity Games (Fishing Day, Tumble Tree, FastTrack, Dr Beaker, and more)
  • 11:00 am: Game Design Workshop with Paul Dennen, designer of newly released Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne and award winning Clank! A deck-building Adventure. Do you want to know what goes into creating a game? This Saturday at 11 a.m. meet with Paul Dennen, designer of award winning Clank! and newly released Eternal Chronicles of the Throne. Paul will talk about his process in designing Clank! from ideation to reality and what goes into goals, rules, components, and mechanics! This will also provide the opportunity for your questions to be answered!  Workshop Room G42/44 Expo 1
  • 11:00 am: Railroad Grain Operations with Blaine Hadfield  Workshop room G47/49  Expo 1
  • 11;00 am: Coding Workshop with Codespire  In the CodeSpire Coding Workshop students will have a hands-on experience in coding robotics and beginning game design. During our 60 minute session, students will work on computers starting with robot control using block or menu-based coding programs to move, detect obstacles and make decisions. During the last half hour, students will be introduced to JavaScript line-coding, using a Gamified platform to guide their avatar characters in real-time through mazes and battles with trolls.Students will leave the workshop with an understanding of iOT (Internet of Things) and how coding works with externally connected devices, such as robots and drones, and will also receive hands-on experience and a beginning understanding of line-coding syntax in JavaScript.Workshop room G39/41  Expo 1 Limited to 15 attendees
  • 12:00 pm: The Transcontinental Railroad with Doug Geiger  Workshop Room G47/49  Expo 1
  • 12:00 pm: Journey to Promontory with Rich Luckin Journey to Promontory traces the building of the transcontinental railroad from the signing of the Pacific Rail act in 1862, to it's joining of the rails on May 10th, 1869. The railroad's history is told through rail historians and Union Pacific management along with historic images right up the present railroad.  Workshop room G47/49  Expo 1
  • 12:00 pm: Casting demo with Reynolds Advanced Materials  Workshop room G43/45 Expo 1
  • 12:00 pm: Time Well Spent will demo Silly/quick games (Happy salmon, funky chicken, and more)
  • 12:00 pm: Coding Workshop with Codespire  In the CodeSpire Coding Workshop students will have a hands-on experience in coding robotics and beginning game design. During our 60 minute session, students will work on computers starting with robot control using block or menu-based coding programs to move, detect obstacles and make decisions. During the last half hour, students will be introduced to JavaScript line-coding, using a Gamified platform to guide their avatar characters in real-time through mazes and battles with trolls. Students will leave the workshop with an understanding of iOT (Internet of Things) and how coding works with externally connected devices, such as robots and drones, and will also receive hands-on experience and a beginning understanding of line-coding syntax in JavaScript.Workshop room G39/41 Expo 1 Limited to 15 attendees
  • 1:00 pm: Adams 14 Meet & Greet (Private Event) Workshop room G42/44 Expo 1
  • 1:00 pm: DCC - An In Depth Look with Lee Ryan  The first part is basics of getting started and the DCC systems available. The second part is more technical and goes into some of the "behind the scenes" of how DCC works, how to "program" a decoder and some of the newer technology available for operating model trains. Workshop room G43/45  Expo 1
  • 2:00 pm: Time Well Spent will demo Light Family Games (Clouds, Ring It, Who did it and more) 
  • 2:00 pm: Learn the Science of Flight through paper airplanes with Wings Over the Rockies- Paper airplanes are a combination of design, finesse, and science! This workshop teaches the four forces of flight, aerodynamics, and design. Participants will be able to take home their own paper airplane and learn new and creative designs to try and fly. Workshop room G35/37  Expo 1
  • 2:00 pm: Your Future in Professional Engineering with Diego Torres- Sponsored by the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers  Workshop Room G47/49 Expo 1
  • 2:30 pm: The Steel Industry and the Railroads with Doug Geiger  Workshop room G42/44  Expo 1
  • 3:00 pm: Drone Opportunities for Current Pilots with Andrew Lindemann sponsored by UAS Colorado Workshop Room G42/44 Expo 1
  • 4:00 pm: Time Well Spent will demo Strategic Family Games (Battle sheep, Trekking the National Forests, Blue Lagoon, Kingdomino, Codenames and more!)
  • All Day: Meet Tom Daniel, The Most Prolific Designer of Wild Automotive and Cycle Designs EVER in the Atlantis Toy & Hobby booth at this year’s Hobby-Expo!
  • All Day: Modeling Live! with the CoMMIES Chapter of IPMS- where a bunch of club members will be building models – all kinds of subjects, at all stages of build, so people can see it happen and ask questions, and tell us how they built models when they were kids, and realize they could get back into the hobby, share it with their kids and their friends.  
  • All Day: Play to Win games with the Envoy crew
  • All Day: Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons with our partner, Gamer Girl Games
  • All Day: Hands-on Coding and Circuitry from Codespire and University of Colordo Denver  Booth 323 Expo 2
  • All Day: Plastic Model Make N Take with CoMMIES/Sponsored by Atlantis Models- Build a plastic model kit & take it home FREE. Workshop room G30/32  Expo 1
  • All Day: Fly using a real time flight simulator with Shades of Blue  Booth 327  Expo 2
  • All Day: Open play over 500 games courtesy of our friends at Gamers Giving  Booth 103/105  Expo 2
  • All Day: Rocket Make N Take Sponsored by Estes Rocketry- Build a rocket with the folks who fly them and take it home for FREE. Follow up with a post show launch. Workshop room G31/33  Expo 1
  • All Day: Atlas-Games will be demoing the hit Godsforge  Booth 102/201 Expo 2
  • All Day: Learn about Astronomy and Telescopes with the International Association of Astronomical Studies  Booth 226  Expo 2
  • All Day: Dire Wolf Digital will be demoing Clank!, Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne, as well as our digital adaptations of Raiders of the North Sea and Yellow & Yangtze.
  • All Day: RipMode Skwad will be doing Learn To Fly sessions, where you can fly a small drone onsite. North side of Expo 2
  • All Day: 3D printing demos with Lockheed Martin  Booth 228  Expo 2
  • All Day: Virtual reality demos with Lockheed Martin  Booth 228  Expo 2
  • All Day: Race RC with Traxxas and Colpar's HobbyTown- Race the newest RC cars on the Traxxas Try Me Track Expo 2 Booth 432
  • All Day: FirstInspire Robotics demos including First Lego League, First Lego League Jr, First Tech Challenge and First Robotics Competition  Booth 231-235  Expo 2
  • All Day: The Science of Magnets with Zen Magnets  Booth 302/401  Expo 2
  • All Day: Virtual Reality Rocket Launches with United Launch Alliance  Booth 329  Expo 2
  • All Day: Crawl with RC Basement- The folks from RC Basement will have a large crawling track to let you try the latest in RC Crawlers  Expo 2 Booth 432
  • All Day: Asmodee will be demoing Spot It, Just One, Obscurio and Key Forge, which was designer by the creator of Magic The Gathering
  • All Day: Wizards Chest will offer the following Learn to Play Demos- Star Wars Armada, Warhammer Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds
  • All Day: Build-A-Layout sponsored by Bachmann Trains and Woodland Scenics- Learn how to build a model railroad layout with hands-on opportunities to make scenery and more. Kids who participate in the Build-A-Layout have an opportunity to win it on Sunday! Parents must be able to transport the 4 x 6 layout home if they win.  Kids Corner  Expo 3
  • All Day: Race RC Boats with NAMBA members- Loading Dock east of Expo 3
  • All Day: Get Started in RC Drag Racing with NPRC- Expo 3 Near Drifting Track
  • All Day: Kids Corner Railroad Activities- Kids can watch movies at the Railroad Theatre, Play with wooden trains, run large scale trains and do an exciting crossover train race- they might crash! These are not drop-off activites- parents must stay with their children. Kids Corner  Expo 3


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Hobby Organizations

There are numerous national organizations that promote specific hobbies and offer resources and camaraderie to their hobbyist members. We recommend you consider joining an organization that fits your needs. Some of these organizations are listed below.

National Model Railroad Association (NMRA)

The NMRA advances the global scale model railroading community through education, advocacy, standards, and social interaction. 

International Plastic Modelers Society/USA (IPMS/USA)

A 5,000 member, all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the modeling hobby while providing a venue for modelers to share their skills in a social setting, along with friendly but spirited competition in the form of local, regional, and national contests and conventions.

National Association of Rocketry (NAR)

The NAR is all about having fun and learning more with and about sport rockets. We are the oldest and largest sport rocketry organization in the world. Since 1957, over 100,000 serious sport rocket modelers have joined the NAR to take advantage of the fun and excitement of organized rocketry.  More info at the NAR website:

North American Model Boating Association International (NAMBA)

NAMBA International is a non-profit association of radio-controlled model boat clubs. Each year, NAMBA holds a week long regatta in a different locale, so that all members may have the opportunity to participate with competitors from all over the country and the world. Information on NAMBA District 20, which includes Colorado, Wyoming and Northern Utah may be found at

Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

The world’s largest model aviation association, representing a membership of more than 195,000 from every walk of life, income level and age group.

Tripoli Rocket Association

Tripoli is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of amateur high power rocketry. Our members are drawn from the United States and 22 additional countries across the globe. High Power Rocketry is an educational, safe and exciting hobby enjoyed by thousands world-wide!

Hobby Resources

Hobby Expo Swap

October 12th & 13th
at the Denver Mart

Have some used/pre-owned hobby merchandise you'd like to get off your hands? Download the form and register for the Rocky Mountain Hobby Swap at this year's Hobby-Expo.


The Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo is about promoting the enjoyment of hobbies. There are many events for hobbyists to attend to learn about their hobbies, find hobby products and enjoy the fellowship of other hobbyists. This page has been created to provide information on consumer events related to hobbies covered by the Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo.


AMA West Expo

This three-day expo, presented by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, provides a world-class display of the latest and greatest products for the modeling enthusiast and fun activities the whole family can enjoy, including indoor and outdoor flying demonstrations, model rocket and plane build-and-fly stations, as well as interactive displays, static model competitions, guest speakers, outdoor boat pond demos and more! With more than 100 unique exhibitors and expert modelers on hand, the expo will be entertaining for the novice and experienced modeler alike. At this new location and new date, expected attendance is expected to be at least 5,000 people.


National Narrow Gauge Convention

The National Narrow Gauge Convention (NNGC) is a unique gathering of Narrow Minded individuals, not just from our country but all over the world. The NNGC is an annual model railroad event whose location varies by year. The 2019 convention will be held in Sacramento, California September 4th – 7th.


Toledo Show R/C Model Show

North America’s largest and longest running R/C model expo. This three day event showcases all types of R/C models including planes, cars, and boats. Along with the all the exhibitors there is a R/C model competition, speakers, swap shop, and an auction. This event is fun for the whole family.


IPMS/USA National Convention

The largest scale modeling event in the country, sponsored by the International Plastic Modelers Society


National Train Show

Sponsored by the National Model railroad Association, the show features manufacturers, vendors, hands-on demonstrations and 44,000 square feet of modular railroads



Three days of events for rocketry enthusiasts to choose from, with separate tracks focusing on model rocketry, high power rocketry, and real space, sponsored by the National Association of Rocketry.


Highland Masonic Center Hobby Swaps

The 2019 Hobby Swap calendar is as follows:

  • July 21st, 2019  10 am—3 pm  Highlands Masonic Center 3550 Federal Blvd  Denver, CO 80211
  • October 12th—13th, 2019  Saturday 9 am—5pm, Sunday 10 am—4 pm  Swap at the Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo   
  • December 15th, 2019  10 am—3 pm  Highlands Masonic Center 3550 Federal Blvd  Denver, CO 80211


Our Highland Masonic Center Events are sponsored by local hobby retailers Action Hobbies in Lakewood, Caboose in Lakewood, Colpar’s Hobbytown in Aurora and Lakewood, Hobbytown in Parker and the Hobbytown stores in Westminster, Longmont, Fort Collins and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Please support these stores as they have the product and service you need!


Visit the show to locate that hard to find treasure! Admission is FREE and Parking is FREE. Standard show hours are 10 am to 3 pm. You may purchase an early admission, allowing entrance at 9 am for $10. Please understand that the items for sale are generally used and it is your responsibility to determine whether they operate. Also, as the Hobby Swap is a public show, the Colorado Department of Revenue requires the collection of sales tax.

 Have hobby items collecting dust or estate items you don’t know what to do with? We have three potential solutions for you-

  1. Sign up for table to sell your items- see “Sellers” section below
  2. Bring your items in for no charge appraisals by multiple sellers- contact us in advance by email to arrange this at
  3. Bring your items in to place them in a “Silent Auction”. The way this works is you place items in our auction area with a starting price. Interested parties place bids on the items during the day. At 2 pm, we close the auctions and the high bidder pays for the item. We will mail you a check for the item less a 10% fee. If there are no bids, you take the item home. You will need to return to pickup unsold items as we are unable to transport and store them.

Registrations include 8’ tables and one chair per table. 2019 table prices are $20 each, if received 30 days prior to the show date and $30 after that. Table assignment is at the discretion of show management.

 Setup time is 8:30 am to 10 am. Show hours are 10 am—3 pm. Tear down from 3 pm to 4 pm. Early admission        buyers allowed in at 9 am for a $10 fee. There is no smoking on Masonic Center Property.

 The Hobby Swap is a taxable event per Colorado Dept of Revenue regulations. We hold a blanket sales tax license, which allows us to file and pay taxes for all vendors. A tax rate of x% applies to all sales. You need to report your sales and remit sales tax to us at the end of each event.

Each Swap Meet will feature non-buy/sell hobby activities, an opportunity to provide appraisals and a silent auction for  sellers. Buyers are admitted FREE with the exception of early admission buyers allowed in at 9 am for a $10 fee.

The Swap Meets are promoted via Facebook, Web and in-store promotion with our retail store partners. Our web promotion will feature information on vendors and their products. We request vendors supply us with a description of products you will be selling and photos, if possible to aid us in promotion.

Click the button below to download the registration form for Masonic Center Events.


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