Activities this year include the following-

Hands-on Coding and Circuitry from Codespire and University of Colordo Denver

FREE science books from Children’s Literacy Center

Fly using a real time flight simulator with Shades of Blue- Saturday Only

Biomimicry workshop with Wings Over the Rockies- Saturday Only-

What can we learn from bees? Scientists are adapting the shapes and engineering feats found in nature to create better and more pleasing planes, engines and space craft. Find out how they do it in this buzzing workshop.

Learn about Astronomy and Telescopes with the International Association of Astronomical Studies

Learn about Game Design with Dire Wolf Digital

Learn the Science of Flight through paper airplanes with Wings Over the Rockies- Saturday Only 

Paper airplanes are a combination of design, finesse, and science! This workshop teaches the four forces of flight, aerodynamics, and design. Participants will be able to take home their own paper airplane and learn new and creative designs to try and fly.  




Discover STEAM activities!

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. STEAM is increasing in popularity within school systems to encourage youth interest in natural and social sciences through competition and cooperative activities. The goal is to provide access to quality science activities for all students, and sparking passion for the next generation to be innovators in these fields. We have gone all out this year to bring STEM/STEAM activities into the Hobby-Expo. The following groups have supported our efforts in a major way-

Fly a drone with Colpar Hobbies

Rocket Make N Take courtesy of Estes Industries

3D printing demos with Lockheed Martin- Saturday Only

Virtual reality demos with Lockheed Martin- Saturday Only

Space Information with Lockheed Martin- Saturday Only

Science of Magnets with Zen Magnets

FirstInspire Robotics demos including First Lego League, First Lego League Jr, First Tech Challenge and First Robotics Competition

Virtual Reality Rocket Launches with United Launch Alliance- Saturday Only

HexBug Vex Robotics  and Elenco products available for purchase

Let’s be Pilots! with Wings Over the Rockies- Sunday Only

Explore the world of flight and the life of the pilot. We will read Claire Bear Explains…What Pilots Fly (Sue Hughes), learn about what pilots do, see what pilots fly, and then make our own popsicle stick planes.  


Discover books!

One of the most important things we can do for kids is ignite their passion for reading. Reading books helps a person form opinions and find their place in this world. Over six million kids in the USA will experience negative academic and social outcomes every year due to poor reading skills. Children who can’t read proficiently by the 4th grade are up to 15 times more likely to drop-out of school. Come down to the Hobby-Expo and snuff out illiteracy!

Visit with our friends from Usborne Books & More for great children’s and STEM/STEAM books and Children’s Literacy Center for a free science book.