Put down your phone and discover Model railroading at the Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo at the Denver Mart. The model railroading hobby runs the gamut from Thomas the Tank Engine and a train under the Christmas tree to painstakingly detailed layouts that are incredibly realistic. Model railroaders recreate an earlier time and place and connect us with the country’s history in a tangible way. Visit the show for hands-on demos, workshops and great deals!

Model railroading layouts can be made in one of many scales ranging from 1:220 to 1:22.5 of real size that run inside or out in your garden. Model railroaders build skills in carpentry, electronics, painting, and the mechanics of how things work.

You’ll get a chance to meet model railroad manufacturers, see some great club layouts and attend beginner and advanced workshops, sponsored by our Model Railroad Retail Partner, Caboose. Kids can enjoy our kids corner activities as well as participate in our Build-A-Layout program where they work on building a layout that they will have a chance of winning at the end of the show.

Train Workshops

  • Introduction to Model Railroading- Sponsored by Caboose, Saturday and Sunday
  • Introduction to Marklin Central Station 3 Digital System- Sponsored by Marklin, Saturday and Sunday

Building Your Own Model Railroad Series

  • Basic Model Railroad Benchwork- Sponsored by Caboose, Saturday and Sunday
  • Model Railroad Control Systems and Wiring- Sponsored by Caboose, Saturday and Sunday
  • Laying Roadbed and Track- Sponsored by Caboose, Saturday and Sunday
  • Rough Scenery for Model Railroads and Dioramas- Sponsored by Caboose, Saturday and Sunday
  • Finished Scenery for Model Railroads and Dioramas- Sponsored by Caboose Saturday and Sunday
  • Building Simple Structures for Model Railroads and Dioramas-Sponsored by Caboose, Saturday and Sunday

Additional Skills

  • Hands-on Scenery Demo- modelers will have a chance to use pigments, turfs, glue, tree armatures, earth undercoat and shaper sheet- Sponsored by Woodland, Saturday and Sunday
  • Mold Making and Casting with Smooth On- Sponsored by Reynolds Advanced Materials, Saturday only

Model Railroad Layouts on display at the show

  • American Flyer Display
  • Colorado Great Western HO Scale Layout
  • Colorado O Scale Modelers O Scale Layout
  • Cunningham N Scale Layout
  • Dentrak N Scale Layout
  • Denver Area Small Scale Steamers
  • Denver Garden Railway Society Hands-on
  • Lego railroad
  • Youth In Model Railroading N, HO, O and G gauge operations

Kids Corner Activities

  • Tree Make N Take
  • Train Races
  • Wooden Train Play
  • Railroad Movie Theatre

Railroad Prototypers Meet

A Rocky Mountain Railroad Prototype Modelers (RPM) Meet will take place as a part of the Rock Mountain Hobby-Expo October 11th -13th, 2019. The goal of this event is to share prototype information and research, discuss modeling techniques, learn to operate prototypically, and grow in the fellowship of like-minded modelers.

Scale Model Kits

Discover Scale Model Kits!

Whether you are into cars, trucks, aircraft, military models or figures, visit the show to check out available kits and participate in our plastic model workshops. Scale Model kits vary in material from plastic, to paper, to metal, but always stay true to the ratios and proportions of the object they’re modeled after. You can find kits for aircrafts, automobiles, ships, trains, military, construction sites, buildings, and more!

We’ll have model kit workshops sponsored by the CoMMIES chapter of the International Plastic model Builders Society (IPMS), Caboose, Grex, Iwata, Scenery Solutions, Reynolds Advanced Materials and Woodland. Don’t miss the plastic model Make N Take.


Educational toys designed to inspire- their description says it all. Lego is an iconic building toy composed of plastic blocks. From smaller sets to epic cityscapes, the possibilities of this toy are limited to your own imagination.

Visit the show to see fabulous creations from the folks from the Denver Lego Users Group (DENLUG).


Discover beading!

Beading is the craft of attaching beads together via string or wire. Generally beaded pieces become jewelry or are sewn to cloth as adornment. With an innumerable amount of beads and many different beading styles, the possibilities are endless. Swing by the Hobby-Expo and discover more about beading!

Polymer Clay

Discover polymer clay!

Polymer clay is a versatile sculpting medium great for beginners and professional artists. Once baked at home in the oven it is water-resistant and durable. So, you don’t have to deal with the mess of clay, glazes, sealants, or having to finish sculptures in a kiln. Popular uses for polymer clay include figurines, beads, and jewelry. Come on down to the Hobby-Expo and learn more about polymer clay!


Discover scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking is the craft of preserving personal and family history in the form of a book. Pages are laid out with photographs, artwork, cut paper, memorabilia, etc. to transform memories into more lush and interactive stories. Stop by the Hobby-Expo and kindle your interest in scrapbooking!