RC Cars & Trucks

Discover RC Cars & Trucks!

Remote controlled cars and trucks come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Whether you’re into racing or off-road crawling, the Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo has you covered. Visit the show for hands-on demos, workshops and great deals! Racing RC cars can reach speeds of 10 to 70mph. Enthusiasts have modified their RC cars to exceed speeds of 100mph!

Race RC cars, crawl our demo course, and try your hand at drifting cars! We’ll also have some crazy stunt racing and a fun make and race event!

Meet with RC Car and Truck vendor and manufacturers to check out the latest RC products.

RC Boats

Discover Remote Controlled Boats and experience speed on the water! Aside from speed boats, RC boats are also available as sailboats, combat warships, and tugboats. Racing speed boats can reach speeds of 20 to 60mph.

At the Rocky Mountain Hobby-Expo we’ll have an epic 16’x32’ indoor pond where you can test drive RC Boats or watch demonstrations. Feel free to bring your own boat if you’ve got one.

Meet with RC Boat vendors and manufacturers and check out all the latest products.

Slot Cars

DIscover Slot Cars!

Immerse yourself in the high speed world of slot car racing. Small cars in a slotted track race for glory, you control the speed, careful around those corners. Slot cars have been around since 1912, and are available in 1/64th, 1/32nd, and 1/25th scale, with 1/25th being the most popular size for consumers. The cars are generally controlled by a sensitive trigger on the controller, holding the trigger all the way down achieves the fastest speed.

Visit the show to see the latest in slot car racing, we’ll have hands-on tracks for you to demo for free.